Rural Micro enterprise’s testimony: Positive result from participation to the Malagasy Handcraft fair and the National Rural fair 2010

By NJARA, Business adviser Prosperer Sofia Madagascar
Translated by Nasthassia

RABERANTO Clement, 44 old, a carpenter from Mandritsara in the North-Western part of Madagascar, over 800km from Antananarivo had participated in the Malagasy Handcraft fair on July 2010. He is a rural micro enterprise man and says about his participation: “I, above all, participated in these fairs to find some outlet apart from our district; I am curious about the same products as mine to improve the quality of my production. It was also a chance to evaluate the effect of the trainings I was involved in: entrepreneurship and marketing.

Even If I didn’t bring back home a lot of money I can say that the result was very good: I gathered many customers and entrepreneurs addresses; and it’s difficult to quantify all the relations established during the fairs. For example, I got three tables order from an Antananarivo’s customer. I also got 925m2 of “PARKEX” (floor made of palissandre) orders. There was a French entrepreneur who discussed with me about establishing commercial link via Internet with me. I’ll honor my order after a month, at this same time we will negotiate about some PARKEX order.

Finally, I want to share with those who have the same activity as mine that participation to these fairs is really beneficial as we can learn about producing better quality which is competitive in the market. With or without support, I‘m not afraid anymore to participate in these events.”