Exercise when and where you can, don’t waste your time in planning for next “Monday” just start doing it !! 6000 steps a day will keep the doctor away

We should all take more care of our health! And we all know that………. but we simply don’t do it! We are so busy writing e-mails, reviewing reports, analysing data, preparing Powerpoint presentations, meeting deadlines and we don’t realize how much time we spend sitting in our office chairs without moving our body!! We are so pressed for time that when we go grocery shopping we don’t pay too much attention in what we put in our shopping cart..
We think that we can compensate for everything by preparing “healthy” dishes and that may be true. But this is not the case when we buy frozen or canned vegetables
But all this has a price ……..despite the efforts, we gain weight and the shape of our bodies becomes similar to an apple or a pear, tasty fruits but not healthy bodies!!

Putting on weight is perhaps the easiest thing in life…..:

Did you know that:

• Your morning “cornetto” is the cause of gaining 6 kg body fat in a year?
• drinking 200 ml wine 3-4 times per week you gain 4.2 kg body fat in a year?
• Frozen food is a major culprit for cholesterol

When we put on weight we seriously put our health at risk. Chronic diseases such as arterial hypertension, hyperglycemia, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia and cancer may be caused by our bad eating habits.
With this alarm bell, we better change our lifestyle!! And it is easy to do so. So no excuses ….it’s just a question of mind-set and this is what we learned at the lunch time seminar on promoting a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and exercise.
We need to change our lifestyle! There is no need to spend hours in a gym or grow our food by ourselves. There are easier and more viable solutions such as:

  • reading carefully the labels of the food you buy ( if you cannot quite figure out what the label says contact our medical services);
  • use fresh food and not packaged or frozen one,
  • watch your portions
  • exercise – 6000 steps keeps the doctor away!!

Why should you exercise?

  • Keep body weight under control
  • Keep blood pressure under control
  • Keep blood sugar level under control
  • Keep triglycerides under control
  • Increase bone density
  • Take our mind off worries !

This was the first seminar on promoting a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and exercise.
We look forward to many more in the future. To help us change our life style, we received a nice pedometer as a gift. I am using it to keep track of how much I walk in a day and to be in good shape!! 6.000 steps a day, will keep chronic diseases away !!!

Interested in knowing more? Read the material shared during the seminar ……….if you do your homework I am sure Kim will give you a nice pedometer!


P.S. your homework: