M-Kulima: Linking mobile technology to farmers to share their experiences (108)

Have you ever participated in a drama during a share fair?

Participants in this group had the opportunity to do so.The chill out corner in IFAD has become a little stage setting the scene to present the M-Kulima project in Kenya showing how mobile telephone technology can convince farmers to adopt alternative crops to ensure food security.

Damas Oduor Ogwe from the Seeds of Peace Africa (SOPA) International in Kenya has shown us how sms messages with useful information can help farmers change their behaviours in terms of cultivation of more resistant crops and influencing people's eating behaviour.

Examples from Costa Rica and Nicaragua have emphasised that community facilitators are very important to act as reporters to transmit knowledge to farmers and the people in the villages. Young people are key players since ICT technology is more easily adopted by them. They can become actors of change.

Thank you Damas for sharing your experiences with us.

Christiane Kuhn, IFAD