Peer Assist Delight #sfrome

Written by Yamba Mbizule

This is a recipe for a Peer Assist – A knowledge-sharing exercise that is simple to process and garners extremely useful information in order to plan steps forward.

1 x Peer Assistee
1 x Facilitator
1 x Key Challenge
1 x Flip Chart
8-10 x Peers with Similar or Homologous Challenges


(10-15 min the day before the Peer Assist)
1. Before the peer assist process, take one Peer Assistee and one facilitator and allow them to brainstorm around a key challenge. The Peer Assistee together with the facilitator should make sure that they are able to explain the problem clearly and fully within 5 minutes.

(30-45 min in the Peer Assist)
2. Gather the Peer Assistee, the facilitator and the 8-10 peers with similar or homologous challenges and put them in a space where they can sit comfortably.
3. Have the facilitator welcome the peers and introduce the Peer Assist topic and the Peer Assistee. Allow the Peer Assistee to address the challenge(5 mins).
4. The facilitator should then open the floor to suggestions and input from the peers and document all feedback on the flip chart.
5. The Peer Assistee should make sure not to get too defensive about his project and be open to any and all suggestions.

(5-10 min)
6. The facilitator then draws the session to an end and thanks all for attending and participating
7. The facilitator then hands over to the Peer Assistee for a final address of comments.
8. The Peer Assistee addresses comments and thanks all for participating and contributing. He also gives feedback regarding how he plans to use the knowledge shared in moving forward.
9. Contact details are exchange.
Serve Immediately.