SF Rome # Session 147: Local Solutions for Local Problems: Food Security through Traditional Crops

Share fair was a great experience for me, thought provoking, inspiring and stimulating. After the world café, I realised the importance of innovative platform to share innovative ideas. Experience sharing from across the globe, insights from the practical field, opportunity for networking and collaboration. The importance of local crops and participatory approach for food security and climate change was our topic for the world café.

Thanks to Christiane for the excellent facilitation. Various approaches and methodologies adopted by the various stakeholders were shared in the workshop. Colleagues from donor agencies, research institutes, NGOs, bilateral organisations and students shared their ideas. Experiences and cases from Peru, Syria, Cameroon, South American countries showcased and reiterated the importance of local crops for food security and climate change. The participants shared methodologies adopted in various countries to revive and propagate local crops.

Our discussions covered approaches, interventions and actions to be taken at national, regional and local levels and the importance of forging partnerships, networks and establishing collaborations.

Really, this was a great experience. Thanks to IFAD for giving an opportunity to participate in this great programme.

James T. J., Peermade Development Society, India
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