International Learning Path Workshop - SCAMPIS

International Learning Path Workshop
3-7 October 2011

Dear colleagues and partners,
From 3 to 7 October, Madagascar will host an international exchange visit around SCAMPIS:  the "Scampis Learning Path".
Participants will come from Guatemala, India and Madagascar, this is an opportunity for the three program countries to exchange their knowledge and experience about  integrated and sustainable strategies for micro-irrigation systems (ISS-MIS).
This exchange will include field visits, exchanges/discussions with local stakeholders about the adoption and promotion of micro-irrigation. Health, nutrition and use of natural pesticides and fertilizers, as well as scaling up and M&E will be the main topics for discussions and daily practice.

The "Learning Path SCAMPIS" will be a place for:
- Building relationships and cooperation between different actors and countries
- Sharing innovations and challenges encountered during implementation
- And finally, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the project through the exchange of best practices
Stay tuned !
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SCAMPIS Learning Path
Anja Rabezanahary & Cecilia Ruberto