#sfrome: Cameroon's Tiko farmers go to Market (192)

by P.J. Bury

Godwin Tanda introduced us to his small local NGO and his incredible drive, will-power and creativeness to assist poor small farmers on degraded former rubber plantation lands in Tiko on the SW coast of Cameroon to diversify, build their productive and marketing capacities and so gradually improve their lives.

The NGO, EPDA, is young, the initiative is young, but already there are things to share (see his presentation). Above all Godwin's objective is to receive peer assistance during the session, so I propose a round of introductions of some 7 participants and their work, encourage them to write up SWOT based feedback during the presentation, have Godwin present, and review and dig deeper in SWOT feedback received. Everyone learns, tips are exchanged, and so is the list of participants and their contact details.

A last tip from my side to Godwin and others (IFAD in Afghanistan): get in touch with the SDC RAS PPP experience in various parts of the world.