#sfrome: The dictionary - Northwestern Community Development Project (155)

Written by Yamba Mbizule

The Dictionary:
This is the entry for the Northwestern Integrated Community Development Project Phase II (NWCIDP II) operating in Somalia. Session 155 at the Global Agriknowledge Share Fair 2011 IFAD Rome.

Somalia, Somali

“The project focuses on combination of many facets of development and social structural dynamics in order to solve the issue of widespread poverty across Somalia. The project has an in depth focus and investment in: The empowerment of women (Setting up women’s organisations/ groups that interestingly showed more promising results than that of their male counterparts) and, capacity building regiments for the communities serviced (this includes book keeping, management, health care services, and credit committee training).”

“Communities are heavily involved in the development process. One innovation made use of within the project framework is a Sand Storage Dam which traps sand and run-off water in order to replenish aquifers with water that will last throughout the year when properly managed.”

“The newly available water has been used to resume production on long-abandoned farm lands. Farmers are now able to not only produce again, they are able to multiply the production and extend production to more than one good. Farmers are now able to grow water intensive products like tomatoes, onions and watermelons.”

“The amount of water available from one Sand Storage Dam can reach in excess of 8.400cm3 ~ 8400ℓ. This water is also safe for drinking. The water can be used for individual families and livestock.”

“The project has been adopted by communities in which the project does not service. The people have seen the benefits and have constructed their own sand storage dams which are cost-effective and easy to construct, even without the use of heavy machinery.”