#sfrome: The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (17)

Written by Dalia Mattioni

As they say, small is beautiful. And indeed this meeting was small: 5 participants with quite a diverse background- IFAD, an international Swiss NGO, Bioversity – all of whom passionately participated to the debate on how to ensure the sustainability of the FSN Forum. Many ideas were given to the FSN Forum Team on the topic ranging from carrying out user (satisfaction) surveys to ensure that user needs are constantly catered for, to setting up incentive systems based on assigning “loyalty” points to users depending on the frequency (and quality) of their interventions. But while the group may have been small, their range of comments on another topic certainly wasn’t.

Decentralisation was the other hot topic for the FSN Forum team, and here participants shared their suggestions on how to set up Regional FSN Forums, without fragmenting the Global Forum. One of these was placing links to the Regional Forums on the main FSN website so that users would need to go through the Global website to access the Regional sites. The seminar lasted 1 hour, but the debate went on (or is it still going on??) beyond the welcoming Bangladesh Room, into the busy cafeteria…