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Written by Maria Losacco

Mobile Extension Teams – An innovative approach for targeting nomadic community (WSRMP)

Model: Mobile Extension Team 2008

Country: Sudan
Locality: Western Sudan
Outreach: nomadic communities (which represent 30% of the 380 communities targeted by the project)
Composition: experts in different fields, e.g. veterinary, women, natural resources management

Features: Conducting an initial selection of communities to be targeted;
Introducing the project and ensuring nomads’ participation in project activities;
Ensuring that nomads benefit from the projects ;
Mobilizing communities members to form Community Development Committee and form the Local Extension Network (LENW);
Ensuring that the LENW in each community receives the required training;
Assessing community needs in terms of both social and productive services;
Ensuring these needs are incorporated in the AWPB of each respective locality and follow-up implementation of planned activities with the local extension team (LET);
Try and persuade nomad community to play a proactive role with regard to veterinary services.