#sfrome: You want to be as strong as Popeye? Forget spinach. Just drink milk. (41)

Written by Maria Losacco

You think that without spinach Popeye would give up hope? Maybe … unless he drinks milk!

The story of Popeye has been used as the setting of a very creative video on milk processing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Syria. A brilliant mix of Popeye cartoon and interviews has caught the attention of the attendees and illustrated the situation in the two countries.

In a country like Syria, studies estimate that about 15% of the milk produced gets wasted because of wrong methods of production, poor processing and marketing. It is a huge quantity worth over 25 million US dollars. In BiH, the same problems have been addressed by IFAD-supported projects through the introduction of improved milk processing, especially with regard to milk conservation and transportation methods.

So why not adopt a south-south approach trying and fostering cooperation between the countries? The two directors of the projects in BiH and a representative of the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform were absolutely enthusiastic about the idea and have already started working on it!