Sunday 2 October 2011 - SCAMPIS Diary

2 October 2011

Dear all,
Here we are, during the last week we prepared all the activities for the workshop: everything is ready (almost!!!). It was a real challenge to get everything ready in such a short time.
We are curious to see how it will go, the preparation  has been  intensive and tough, but thanks to the indispensible support of many friends and colleagues we are finally ready to start!!

We want to thank with all our heart the following person who supported us during the last week for the workshop preparation:

Feno, the fac totum
Harivelo, the brave
Stefan, the philosopher and singer
Christin, small but big
Haga, graphic
Poina, the special driver
Sylvia, our host
Jimmi, the driver
all the field staff
all the farmers and peasants
all the people we met in the field preparations