FAFO12 – Farmers’ Organisations are the backbone for a more efficient and productive agriculture in Western and Central Africa

Representatives from networks of farmers’ organisations (ROPPA, PROPAC) have pointed out the need for a systematic approach to ensure better capacity building particularly in terms of technical assistance, strengthening of young farmers, and better communication among farmers’ organisations during the Parallel regional working group sessions for the Western and Central Africa region.

Interesting presentations from Guinea and the Central African Republic have shown that IFAD involves farmers’ organisations in their country strategic opportunities programmes (COSOP), programme design, implementation and evaluation as part of the country programme management teams. However, improvements are still necessary particularly with regard to the monitoring and evaluation of programme interventions, communication among farmers’ organisation and project management across the countries as well as technical assistance.

It has been emphasised during the discussion that farmers’ organisation need to be involved in the determination of agricultural policies at local, national and regional level.

Regional cooperation remains a challenge and requires improvement. A better coordination and structuring of farmers’ organisations is needed to increase the efficiency and better opportunities of smallholder farmers across countries and regions.