How can fishers organisations contribute to sustainable management and improve incomes?

Hopefully we will have some answers following the thematic working group at the Farmers’ Forum on“Sustainable fisheries: how fishers organisations can contribute to sustainable management of marine resources while improving incomes?”

Fishers organisations (FOs) represent theirmembers as a unified voice and provide active input into all policy making decisions both nationally andinternationally. Their roleas solicitors gives them a position to promote changes and protect theinterests of their members, such as ensuring that the resources members dependon are not depleted or destroyed. Besides this they function as distributors ofknowledge both to and from its members, such as training of new fishing methodsand first aid, and consultations to provide advice on appropriate policies togovernments through consultations.

For the session we have invitedrepresentatives from FOs in Indonesia, Mozambique and Yemen, which IFAD worksclosely with through projects in their respective countries, the two largestinternational FOs – World Forumof Fish Harvesters & Fish Workers (WFF) and World Forum for Fisher Peoples (WFFP), andthe leading international organisation on fisheries - FAO. Together therepresentatives will provide input and agree which recommendations to putforward to how fisher organisations can contribute to sustainable managementand improve incomes?

Tuesday 21 February 2012 - 8:30-10:45 - IFAD HQ,Oval Room A