Getting up close and personal with #ifadgc social reporters

The clock is ticking. Six days to go to #ifadgc and the social reporters who are your eyes and ears are already at work.

Irshad Khan (@Khantabile) our resident photographer has been keeping you abreast of the construction of the tent. Daniela Cuneo (@dnlcuneo), Beate Stalsett (@beatews), Tim Ledwith (@timledwith), Sundeep Vaid (@sundeepvaid) are drumming up interest on Twitter.

Christiane Kuhn, one of our great social media champions has been blogging about the Farmers' Forum and the high-level panels. She has adopted blogging as a way to share knowledge and keep others abreast of what she is up to. She is one of those unique people who embraces change with open arms and has contributed to transforming IFAD. Thanks to her pioneer work, her division has embraced knowledge sharing methods and she herself is now a great resource and a wonderful facilitator.

Over the course of next week, she will keep YOU, the virtual audience, informed through blogposts and via Twitter (@ChristianeKuhn).


Bob Baber joined the social reporting team last year. At first he was intrigued and a bit puzzled by Twitter. Through out the course of the year, he appreciated more and more the power and potential of conveying and communicating with 140 characters. I was so pleased to see he finally signed up on Twitter to get his own personal account (@bobNrome). He has started tweeting and will be tweeting live from a number of sessions.

Monica Romano  is one who enjoys coming out of her comfort zone and try new things. Used to writing reports and research papers, she is looking forward to blog from some key sessions. She will be covering  Minister Riccardi's keynote address. I guess the next step for Monica would be to join  the twittersphere. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later.

Theveteran social reporters - Maria Elena Mangiafico,  Silvia Sperandini, Willem Bettink, Christian Assogba, David Paqui, Rima Alcadi, Jeff Brez, Sabine Pallas, Amedeo Paglione, Marcello Barnaba and Suyun Kim are coaching and mentoring the new members of the team - Vincent Sineau, Tomas Donnelly, Michelle Tang, Dimitra Stamatopoulos, Maria Luisa Saponaro, Ilaria Firman, Ines Cabello and Barbara Bellogini.

A number of social reporters from other sister UN agencies will join us to spread the word. Make sure you follow us via webcast, via Twitter (follow #ifadgc) and on Facebook. Send your questions for the various panellists and for Bill Gates.

Beate and Tim
Maria Elena
Ilaria and Beate