Learning about IFAD is great fun – Country Programme Assistants from the two Africa Divisions are in Rome to learn about Programme Administration

Fourteen highly motivated Country Programme Assistants have not been scared by cold temperatures and snow fall alerts to join the training at Headquarters in Rome to familiarise themselves with the programme management, workflows, procedures, budget, and web-based tools in IFAD.

IFAD’s field presence is expanding and new colleagues have come on board. The two Africa Divisions have taken the lead to organise for the first time a training session for Country Programme Assistants. Headquarter-based Programme and Administrative Assistants from both divisions have become trainers to provide their support to colleagues in the field to better understand the various systems such as Peoplesoft, xdesk, ERMS, WATS, PSR online, RIMS, PPMS…. Colleagues from the Programme Management Department, Human Resources Division, Administrative Services Division, Controllers’ and Financial Services Division have also helped to render this training programme a success.

Special thanks to Shaun Ryan and Betty Retta for coordinating this training event.