Steve Jobs legacy takes centre stage at #ifadgc

IFAD's social reporting team - Yes this is a DREAM TEAM!
The readers of this blog know that #ifadgc promises to be an interactive event thanks to a number of social media components and the wonderful social reporting team. This dream team will keep the outside world informed through blogs, tweets, posting interviews and pictures on the following IFAD social media channels.

This  blogpost is about two out-of-the-box, innovative and open-minded colleagues working in our IT division: Marcello Barnaba  (@vjt) and Amedeo Paglione (@amedeo).

Amedeo and Marcello at work!!
Marcello is the mind behind IFAD's cool webcasting application which beats Livestream. Last September, during the Second Global AgriKnowledge Share Fair (#sfrome), he got a standing ovation for this very application. Since September, Marcello together with other colleagues have further refined the application. A number of our sister UN agencies consider this application as  a model to follow!!!

Amedeo is one of those folks who has vision. He is one of our best partners in crime when it comes to introducing innovative approaches. And he played a crucial and instrumental role in bringing the web2.0 revolution to IFAD.

Against all odds, Marcello and Amedeo introduced us to new ways of computing by adopting opensource paradigm. And guess what, they broke the tabu and introduced Mac computers. To say they are early adopters is an under statement. Their mantra is THREE apples - iPhone, iPad, Macbook-  a day, keep a doctor away.

On 23 February at 10 a.m. CET, Amedeo and Marcello will be two of the many social reporters who will be reporting live from Bill Gates centre stage and share with the rest of the world Mr Gates perspectives on the importance of agriculture and how sustainable productivity improvements can reduce poverty in developing countries.

We encourage YOU to follow us via webcast and  interact with the prominent guests and panellists on Twitter and Facebook using #ifadgc hashtag. 

Please send us your questions and comments for the various panellists, including Bill Gates.