Transforming #ifadgc: A conversation between and among world leaders and policy makers

What does it take to orchestrate a successful and cool event? Planning and preparation are two fundamental pillars for a memorable event. And do not underestimate the importance of flexibility, ability to cope with all the unexpected, thinking the unthinkable and most importantly adapting to any situation and unforeseen circumstances.

As we are gearing up for #ifadgc, we'll run back stories on the "GC making" and introduce you to some of our colleagues.

Our first guest is Andreina Mauro. In this interview, Andreina tells the story of how the format and content  IFAD Governing Councils have evolved over time and how we have shifted our focus from institutional matters to more a conversation between and among, world leaders, policy makers and opinion leaders.

In the next series, we'll introduce to you to IFAD social reporters who will keep the outside world informed through blogs, tweets, and interviews and pictures posted on IFAD’s social media pages.