Conveying silent voices of smallholders at #rioplus20

by Clarissa Baldin

On the evening of 18 June, just prior to the official opening of #RioPlus20, TVE  launched its Zero Ten Twenty and Life Apps series movies to a select audience at the headquarters’ of Brazilian TV channel Canal Futura in Rio de Janeiro.

IFAD was represented by Elwyn Grainger-Jones, Director, Environment and Climate Division, who spoke on the importance of listening to the voices the rural poor. Despite supplying up to 80 per cent of the food consumed in a large part of the developing world, with much of that produced by women, smallholder households are often forgotten, as if their voices were silent. Elwyn reiterated IFAD’s 35 year old commitment to change this reality. Communicating how vulnerable smallholders are to health and nutrition challenges and their importance to the global food and agricultural system is part of IFAD’s strategy to raise awareness and mobilize resources to support poor rural women and men.

As managers of vast areas of land and natural resources, smallholders are both victims and drivers of environmental degradation, and need support to scale up sustainable practices.

The Zero Ten Twenty series followed 10 children around the globe from their birth in 1992, the first Rio Earth Summit, to 2012.  These children who grew up in different parts of the globe, during the fastest changing century of human history, share with us their hopes. Joining them on their journey, we find out that while much has improved for Kay Kay in China, there is still a long way to go for Rosamaria in Brazil.

The Life Apps series challenged a team of young computer programmers in India, Kenya, Brazil and other countries to develop a phone application that meets the needs of the poor and helps them to improve their lives.

Both series are part of Reframing Rio, a multimedia project designed by tve, IPS and IIED to enhance global awareness and mobilize efforts towards the urgent need of a sustainable world. You can watch these episodes and find out more at the Reframing Rio website.

Read more on IFAD’s support to Reframing Rio here.