Reporting from IFADAfrica Regional 'Sharing & Learning Event' in Nairobi

A regional Knowledge Management and Learning (KM&L) Workshop is being held this week in Nairobi, Kenya, for staff from IFAD-supported projects and country offices in East and Southern Africa (ESA).

The workshop is hosted by IFADAfrica, ESA’s regional knowledge network. It represents the culmination of the regional KM&L initiative implemented by IFADAfrica over the past three years, in which 125 project staff from 32 projects in 12 countries, CPMs and Country Office staff, as well as a more limited number of staff from government departments and partner organizations, have participated.

The participants have during their participation in the initiative been working on how to operationalize effective knowledge management and learning in their projects and anchor it in the country programmes. Many projects also received coaching on KM&L.

This week the participants share their experiences since the initiative started in 2009.

The expected outputs of the KM&L 'sharing & learning event' are:
  • Enhanced sharing of ways in which KM&L has been implemented;
  • Further development and sharing of effective KM&L tools;
  • A more structured and linked system for sharing and joint learning in the region;
  • Documentation of good practices and impact achieved in the field;
  • Analysis of ‘next steps’ and development of KM&L workplans by the participating country teams 
During the first day of the workshop the participating projects shared numerous lessons and insights about how KM&L has contributed to more effective project management and implementation processes. They shared the challenges they faced and how they had tried to overcome these challenges to operationalize KM&L in their projects and country programmes. A common feature that came out from most teams was that it is the continuous improvement process that KM&L fosters that is the key in KM&L as it helps to reflect, share and learn, and then change and adapt implementation processes for projects to become more effective and successful.

Country presentation - Tanzania Team
Discussing experiences and challenges