The room is humming and buzzing – KM&L practitioners share experiences

The room is humming and buzzing with enthusiastic discussions and exchanges of viewpoints between the hundred participants that have come from thirteen countries in Eastern and Southern Africa for this week’s KM&L ‘sharing and learning event’ in Nairobi.

Open Space - sharing of experiences

We are at the end of the second day of the workshop and it is evident that a lot of learning has been going on ‘out there’, back in the project and country programmes. The participants are eager to share and learn from the varied experiences presented.

From the afternoon’s “Open Space” session where interesting experiences (from “Household mentoring”, to the “Usefulness of E-libraries”, to discussions on “how to de-mystify the “KM&L monster”, plus a lot of other interesting experiences) are presented and discussed, we have Valentina Sauve from the Learning Routes Programme in East and Southern Africa – ROUTESA, presenting “Learning Routes: A Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Tool for Rural Development”:

Valentina Sauve: “We do Knowledge Management in practise”......!

Valentina continues: “The Learning Route is really just a very practical and down to earth tool for knowledge sharing and capacity building that combines local knowledge, innovation and good practices from the field with a pedagogical strategy. The aim is to build a knowledge management ‘device’ to impact the users’ practices and performances within their associations and home territories. The Learning Route has proven to be a powerful method for fostering capacity building through peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge, experiences and good practices”.