Micro-irrigation for food security: the untold stories of forgotten stakeholders Scampis seminar, World Water Week 2012, Sweden

The Scampis project is a very special project. The seminar “Micro-irrigation for food security: the untold stories of forgotten stakeholders” was organized on the 26 of August at the World Water Week 2012, with an innovative way of presenting what the project meant for farmers, implementers and different stakeholders involved. The seminar chose to challenge the guests to surf the three country experiences, spreading colours, sounds, images around the room and sharing fascinating stories (Learning Notes form the seminar, available here).

The goal for the seminar was to bring the audience into a unconventional space-time trip, to give a taste of Scampis project in India, Guatemala and Madagascar, pointing out to the challenges and achievements of the implementing partners in scaling-up MIS. Around 80 people attended the seminar in Stockholm, and 362 people followed the seminar live online (complete video available here).

Various points of view, various experiences enriched the dynamic discussions. The thousands of questions showed how much the audience committed in listening at the stories, participating and left with new ideas, and sometime with commitments (see feedback from participants here).

The event showed how useful micro-irrigation system can be in the appropriate conditions to effectively improve the livelihood of vulnerable farmers, especially if integrated in larger and complete programs.

Gender, Youth, Financial institutions (formal or informal), Market, Knowledge, Intensive and Natural agricultural skills, are only some of the key elements that should always go hand in hand when MIS is applied.
Dynamic and integrated partnerships and long terms plans are the platform on which any strategy should be based.

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