Pro-Poor PPP Innovation Plan Fair in Bangkok

Right now: pro-poor public private partnership Innovation Plan Fair in Bangkok


The Innovation Fair of the Learning Route in Pro-Poor Public Private Partnership is ongoing. Teams from Cambodia, India, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam are presenting innovations to address the challenges of the fight against rural poverty in each of these countries. Unfortunately the Madagascar Team left yesterday.

An expert team, composed by Drs. Faiz H. Shah and Dr. Riaz Khan from AIT-E and Mr. Dario Pulgar from PROCASUR, are providing feedback on the Innovation Plans so to strength their formulation and implementation. On 21st November an Assessment Committee will award with up to USD 7500 (each) the best three Innovation Plans. This seed capital should help the on-going PPP initiatives to be more effective, efficient and sustainable in enabling the rural poor to overcome poverty.

The Innovation Plans show a diverse scope of solutions to address the Public-Private-Partnership that benefit the poor:

Cambodia’s Innovation Plan  focuses on a farmers-owned knowledge scaling up strategy, supported on a peer-to-peer methodology and an innovative market approach.
India’s Innovation Plan  focuses on the strengthening of local markets, allowing poor farmers to supply market existing demands by engaging on quality oriented marketing activities.
Lao PDR´s Innovation Plan focuses on the strengthening and widening of already existing organic coffee initiatives.
Thai Innovation Plan addresses the challenge of strengthening a community learning centres network, allowing them to nurture market and knowledge exchange opportunities.
Vietnamese Innovation Plan appoints the challenge of overcome coconut producers poverty, enhancing value chain processes on Ben Tre province.
Madagascar Innovation Plan combines the one-village-one-product (or OTOP) strategy within a PPP to strengthen an existing cassava initiative.

This Route comes to an end, but certainly the learning, friendship and commitment will sustain. Many thanks to all the participants for their active contribution.