STORIES BEHIND THE SCENES .........Final Details in anticipation of the Indigenous Peoples' Forum and 36th Governing Council

By Laura Arcari

The banner for the forum outside the conference room ©IFAD
On 11-12 February 2013 IFAD headquarters in Rome will be opening its doors to the Indigenous Peoples' Forum. 

The first global meeting of the Forum will bring together numerous indigenous peoples' representatives from Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean as well as representatives from national and regional indigenous peoples' organizations. 

As of last December 2012, IFAD Administrative Visa Section, in close collaboration with the Policy and Technical Advisory Division, responsible for Indigenous and Tribal issues, have been actively networking with embassies to ensure that entry visas for Italy are issued in time to allow the participants to travel. Some of the participants may have never traveled outside their regions or have any experience with the bureaucracy.

Our colleagues went the extra mile to provide a personalized service and ensure that each case was closely monitored and followed up especially from countries where the situation may be complex. In anticipation of emergencies that may possibly arise, the visa section was prepared to expect the unexpected and to be creative with alternative solutions. 

In addition to taking care of the visa requests for the Indigenous Peoples' Forum, the visa section has processed numerous other visa requests for participants  attending the 36th Session of IFAD's Governing Council. 

The countdown is final and planes are being boarded on their way to Rome as this article comes out.