Berkeley - Three weeks to go

Hi everybody! This is the first post regarding my forthcoming special leave to Berkeley. Fyi, I still need to get familiar with the blog reporting system but I committed to Henock (whom I want to thank for his constant support and advice) to report on this experience. I am told I am a pioneer and I am eager to do my best to pave the way for similar experiences by other colleagues in different Universities around the world.

Three weeks from now I will be going. Everything is ready except a minor detail, the accommodation. I am told not to worry but still….Anyhow, I started working on the Bspace, i.e. the Berkeley web space that enables each instructor to interact with her/his participants (it seems there are no teachers nor students at Berkeley…). I also started receiving feedback regarding their experiences and expectations. Extremely happy to see their desire to get hands-on experience on development matters. This is indeed the rationale of my invitation there. I think this is enough as a
first post. Let me see how it works now. Stay tuned! Mattia