Photo blog: LR on "Innovative ideas to secure rights to resources & land through inclusive business models"

As earlier shared (link), during this LR, we visited three cases, focusing on two different business models: Nucleus estate and out grower model (VODP), and Contract Farming (Star Café &Kabeywa United Coffee Farmers Group; Kawacom).
We also got presentations from Kakira Sugar (nucleus estate and out grower scheme), and Kayonza Tea Growers (contract farming), although we were unable to visit them.

Each of the cases was analyzed on aspects of Ownership, Voice, Risk and Reward.

Case 1
Vegetable Oil Development Project, Kalangala (implemented under a public private partnership arrangement). There is a farmers' Trust, the Kalangala Oil Palm Growers Trust (KOPGT) which links the farmers to the private sector Oil Palm Uganda Limited (OPUL). KOPGT supports farmers to produce quality fruits, access inputs, financing and the market, as well as supporting the farmer structures  under the farmers' association. Farmers are paid through the bank on a monthly based, based on the prevailing price and how much they have produced.

Mr. Chin shows off some crude palm oil from the mill

Some LR participants at the palm oil mill.
This is where the out growers sell their fresh fruit bunches
A fresh fruit bunch

One of the farmers from Beta West Block sharing with the LR how they benefit from the PPP
The farmers are organized in blocks, and units under the farmers association and the Kalangala Oil Palm Growers Trust

LR participants pay close attention to Mr Chin (Private sector) as he explains how they work with the farmers

Case 2
Star Café, Kapchorwa 
Under Star Café the Kabeywa United Coffee Farmers' Group (KUCFG) accesses market for their produce and get some trainings. KUCFG has 365 members (100 of these are women) who are all small scale coffee farmers in Kapchorwa District. Star Café collects the coffee from the farmers and pays them later.
A KUCFG farmer's garden - they encouraged to inter-crop for food security.

One of the farmers keeps cattle on zero grazing, for food security and nutrition

The SIPI falls, one of the amazing sights of Kapchorwa

LR participants meet with Star Café and the  KUCFG

Case 3
Kawacom (U) Ltd, Kapchorwa
Kawacom is a subsidiary of the international commodity trading house Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation, and is known as the biggest exporter of organic coffee. It works directly with individual farmers by signing contracts with them. The company currently works with about 8500 farmers growing Arabica coffee. Kawacom pays farmers cash upon delivery of the coffee to the wet mill or agreed upon collection points.
Farmer Omar welcomes the LR to his home

PROCASUR's Diana at Omar's farm

It is slippery! Careful as you walk down into the farm lest...

Omar and his wife explain what they have learned about mixed farming, organic farming and farm maintenace

Omar and the Wife receive a certificate of recognition from one of the LR Participants

A copy of the contract that Omar and his wife have signed with Kawacom

Breath-taking sights of Kapchorwa

Inacio of Mozambique, presenting a certificate to Kawacom representative

IFAD's Line appreciates a model farmer with a certificate

Time for a hike to the Sipi falls! LR can be fun!

And, finally, All work and no play...?!