Inequality for All

Dear all, this is a promo, for which I receive no commissions... The widening of income inequality is a global issue affecting both rich and poor countries that has several connections with what we do, right? Now Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labour under the Clinton’s administration and now Professor here at Berkeley just came out with a great movie: Inequality for All. It explains how during the last 30 years the middle class has shrunken and inequalities have widened. It talks mainly about US but there are clear connections with what is happening in several other countries.  Internal reasons (fiscal policies, cutting down the tax rate on the highest incomes) and external reasons (globalization, pushing down costs) are clearly shown. Not only the causes are clearly explain, but the social and political consequences too. There are already tangible signs that we are shifting from democracies to plutocracies, where the political consensus is built thanks to economic resources and where elected representatives report to the sponsors of their electoral campaigns rather than to the voters. Nothing new  to the majority of us I guess. But extremely well packaged, with the right mix of data, analysis, interviews with a touch of humour. Atsuko wrote me: “I watched the movie, it was truly fantastic, I loved it, the sensitivity of the man, the interesting comparative stats, the fact that wages of the middle class have not increased and what have been the coping strategies, that we need to continue to strive for social change. It was great, thank you so much for pointing it out for me”. What else to say? This is not Occupy Wall Street. These are not the views of a radical NGO. This is Robert Reich. As soon as it reaches Europe, hopefully soon, don’t miss it! In the meantime you can see the trailer at: