“Leave this world a little better than you found it” World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) at COP19

Among those representing youth at COP19 is the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). This is an independent, worldwide, non-profit and non-partisan organization which aims to inspire its 40 million members to make a difference by promoting unity and understanding to help create a better world. Their work includes from simple community action to large-scale projects, such as helping street gangs in El Salvador reduce violence, planting millions of trees all over Africa and working in local communities in conflict areas such as Kashmir, Israel, Palestine, Rwanda, Burundi and Northern Ireland.

“We have a few programmes we would like to promote here at the COP, such as the Messengers of Peace Initiative, which aims to inspire the millions of Scouts who are doing amazing things in their local communities to tell the world about it,” said Joern Becker, from the German Scout Association (DPSG).

Launched by the World Scout Committee in 2011 the Messengers of Peace Initiative is a global action network created to empower young people to be leaders of positive change in their community through service. Any Scout project that brings a positive change in a community, whether it addresses health, environment, social problems, safety or conflict, is considered a Messengers of Peace project.

“Youth is not underrepresented at COP, but the decision-makers are definitely not young,” adds Becker. “However, what young people can do is work in their home countries to make sure they influence their respective governments in taking the necessary steps towards a positive future.”

”Every little positive outcome from this event will give us the motivation to continue pursuing our mission and work even harder at getting our message out across the world.