COP20 Day Five – Food is a human right

Written by Jessica Morgan

“Food is a human right, but there are more hungry people now than at any time in history” says ActionAid International (AAI).

AAI along with ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) say that climate change is threatening food production for small farmers in developing countries, leading to serious food access problems for many indigenous communities. 

By securing access to education for children and adults AAB hopes that food security can be improved for these communities. As part of this it’s developing partnerships with local communities and training partner organizations. According to AAB, food insecurity is fast becoming one of the most pressing issues it has to face. 

North-west Bangladesh is one of the most hunger-prone regions of the country. Due to increased flooding, only one crop per year can be planted leading to food shortages and malnutrition. AAB explains that it is working to increase the food rights for the people and empower these communities to adapt to climate change independently. 

It does this training in new technology and  climate-resilient crops, while stressing the importance of biodiversity and paying people for productive time lost when they take the trainings. 

IFAD's Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme is also working with small farmers and indigenous peoples to empower communities, adapt to climate change and address food insecurity. 

COP20 runs until 12 December in Lima, Peru. IFAD is working throughout the conference. Keep up to date with our Twitter and read more about our events.