Year in review: Take a look at your favourite social media posts in 2016

By Michele Pentorieri

Another year has passed, and we had a look at what engaged our followers the most on IFAD's social media last year. Here's what we discovered.

Climate change: Recipes for change and COP22

One of the most engaging themes in 2016 was climate change and ways to tackle it. To celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June, IFAD partnered with Italy's famous chef Carlo Cracco in order to show the impact that climate change is having on rice production in Cambodia. This was part of our Recipes for Change series, focusing on the impact climate change has on traditional dishes and giving you the tools to cook recipes from all over the world.

A year after the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris, Governments met in Marrakesh, Morocco, for the UN climate change conference (COP22). To mark the event, IFAD launched a campaign called #AdaptNow, where we invited the international community to recognize smallholder farmers’ positive impact on food security, and to help farmers on the front line of climate change to adapt.

Rural Development Report 2016: fostering inclusive rural transformation

On 14 September IFAD launched itsflagship publication analysing global, regional and national pathways of rural transformation. The report draws upon both analysis and IFAD's direct experiences and presents policy and programme implications in various regions and thematic areas of intervention, based on both rigorous analysis and IFAD’s 40 years of experience investing in rural people and enabling inclusive and sustainable transformation of rural areas.

International Days

In 2016 we also highlighted some important days celebrated around the world. Some of the most popular ones were Valentine's Day, International Day for Biological Diversity and International Youth Day.

Africa Food Prize

Finally, many of you joined us in congratulating IFAD's President Kanayo F. Nwanze for the Africa Food Prize. He dedicated it to "the African women who silently toil to feed their families." The reasons the prize committee gave for the choice were Nwanze's leadership and his results and successful efforts at IFAD.

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