Global Parliamentary Summit against Hunger and Malnutrition

Senate of Spain, Madrid, 29-30 October 2018

The Global Summit which was jointly organized by FAO, the Senate of Spain, Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, and the Latin American and Caribbean Parliamentary Front Against Hunger, took place on 29-30 October. In total, 202 parliamentarians gathered in Madrid including representatives from the three Rome-based agencies, to advance political will to achieve SDG2, highlight the role legislative bodies can to achieve a hunger-free world by 2030, identify and share political experiences and build a network of parliamentary alliances. Parliamentarians underlined the importance of smallholder farming to ending hunger and malnutrition, including obesity, the need to ensure social security for smallholders, and of the need for specific policy actions that target rural development.

The Rome-based agencies prepared a panel session (represented high-level staff from FAO, IFAD and WFP) centered around the role of the agencies in reducing hunger and malnutrition.

Read the Declaration of the Summit

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