Solar egg incubators transform livelihoods in Cambodia

Veth Lay lives in Kdei Run Village in Cambodia and is the head of a family of five. Their livelihood was in a difficult situation with their main source of income from rice farming and construction work. 

In 2018, Veth was selected by the Green Innovet Cam (GIC) project to test solar egg incubators. To take part she contributed US$625 for a cage, chicken house, feed, incubator, hens and the solar energy system for 500-egg production. She received training on chicken hatching, chicken raising, vaccination, breeding, feeding cage construction, prevention, treatment and operating the equipment. 

Before her involvement in the project, she raised chicken using traditional practices, without cages, vaccinations or prevention and feeding practices. 

Now, chick hatching is her main source of income for her family. She can earn up to US$400 per month. Her increased earnings has also enabled her to expand her business. She not only sells chicks, but also shares her knowledge and experience to other farmers from her and other surrounding villages.