Getting ready for what promises to be an exciting #ifadgc

In our #ifadgc back story series Andreina and Paolo  talked about the evolution of IFAD Governing Council over time.

But what are these changes? We asked James Heer of the Communications division to walk us through the changes and transformations of #ifadgc.

We've tried our best to make #ifadgc an exciting event. Now we need YOU to take part in this  interactive event. As you know, this event has a strong social media component. Social reporters will keep the outside world informed through blogs, tweets, posting interviews and pictures on the following IFAD social media channels.

To stimulate the conversation, live tweets will be displayed on the Twitter wall in the Plenary Hall, in the meeting rooms and in the atrium.

The virtual audience - YOU - can follow the proceedings and interact with the prominent guests such as Bill Gates (@billgates) and panellists on the above social media channels and via webcasting.

Please send us your questions and rest assured that the social reporters will make sure these are put forward!! And follow the event via webcasting.

Check out the #ifadgc programme for more information.