Conclusions et Recommandations de la Retraite des projets FIDA en Mauritanie

UNOPS bids farewell to IFAD projects in Mauritania

The World Café and the Mauritania retreat

Joint IFAD-IFPRI programme

Innovations and capitalisation in IFAD Mauritania portfolio

CDD in the IFAD Mauritania portfolio

Targeting in practice- Learning by doing

KM self-assessment: The final act and next steps

KM self-assessment: The overall process

KM self-assessment- session with managers

KM self-assessment: Session with country programme managers, technical advisers, policy analysts, communication and financial officers

KM self-assessment: Session with the KM community of practice (KM-CoP)

More on Romeo and Juliet

Country Team Meeting: Mongolia

Country Team Meeting: Maldives

A Serious Interview of Thomas Rath with Social Flavoring Added by Mattia

APR closing comments by Thomas Elhaut

VietNam country action plan

APR Workshop Summary Video (6-minutes)

Philippines Country Team Plan for 2009

The Sri Lankan Country Team Work

China Country Program Key Actions

Pakistan country team fine tuning AWPB

Co-financing Session:

Reporting on Country Teams Meeting of Cambodia & Indonesia

Wrap-Up: What stood out for you? What might you do differently?